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Gene Ballin Home Inspections

Gene Ballin Home Inspections

June 17, 20241 min read

We look at structure, Exterior, Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Interior, Insulation, Ventilation and fireplace if installed. We'll also operate the built-in appliances.

Why pay for a home inspection?
You may have looked at a hundred homes. Peering in closets or maybe up into an attic space, what do you know about the houses your looking at? Do you know what to look for that could be a problem? What questions may come up that no one has answers to? How many tons is the cooling system?  How many gallons is the water heater? Can I run a gas line to a outside grill? How expandable is the expandable area? Questions like these can often be answered with the Home Inspection.

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