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Vascular Interventional Physicians with Henry J. Dalsania, M.D.

Vascular Interventional Physicians with Henry J. Dalsania, M.D.

June 17, 20241 min read

Vascular Interventional Physicians (VIP) is an outpatient-style clinic offering convenience and choice to physicians, and to patients who refer themselves.

VIP is the only clinic of its kind in the area, and one of only a few clinics regionally to perform certain highly specialized procedures. All VIP physicians are board-certified in their areas of specialty.

VIP patients have easy access to advanced technological procedures performed by highly trained interventional radiologists, including Endovenous Laser Therapy to treat varicose veins without painful ‘vein stripping,’ Uterine Fibroid Embolization to shrink uterine fibroid tumors as a viable alternative to hysterectomy, and Peripheral Vascular Disease Screening to assess circulation in arms and legs.

Many interventional radiology procedures are covered by insurance. For more information about specific conditions and treatments, click here.  Follow our link to schedule your appointment or please contact our staff at 901-747-1007.

Vascular Interventional Physicians is a subsidiary of Mid-South Imaging & Therapeutics, a private practice radiology and vascular surgery group of 50 radiologist and vascular surgeons in eight subspecialty areas. The group has provided radiology professional services to hospital systems, physician practices and outpatient imaging in the Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas region for more than five decades.

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